• I am terrible on updates


    I think it’s a fact, I am terrible on updates! My life have been quite buy with someone in the last months… So good news! Work did goes forward, the heater is installed! I had to rebuild part of the bulkhead and make a big whole in the deck… The bowsprit is underway too….

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  • Back to work!


    Winter is over, Yayyy! Drived to the boat today and started removing the tarps and air it out. It was really nice to be there, see some friends and get back that feeling that only happen in a sailboat.I’ve started destroying a good part inside, making space to install the new wood stove. It took me some time to figure out where I will put it, but after some trial error I decided to sacrifice a part of my tools area for it. Structure is done, with a place for wood storage to burn (On the back of it)… Tiles are next step with stainless sheet to protect from the heat and some wood trim. Also I think it is really important that I mention something… It’s been quite sometime now that me and a smart, talented, beautiful and great sailor which to sum it up she is a Californian Girl are getting pretty much hook up together. I really enjoy it, and we have lot’s of fun. You will definitly hear more and more of her (Her name is Lori) as time is passing by. Which bring a second topic…. Time to move on the west coast! The boat will have his final preparation to sail toward the West Coast (Have you guessed?… Yes toward California!). Adventure ahead!

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  • Wood Stove


    There is a few times in life where you are just really surprise by something. I didn’t think much when I’ve seen the Fatsco Stoves Website, specially in this end of 2013. I’ve searched on forums about it and discover a several persons saying there where a good stove, so I’ve contacted the company. Julie and Brian Yeomans, which seems to be the owners, answered promptly and professionally to my emails. I’ve said to myself, OK but let’s wait to see the product. Well I have to say that the packaging was really well done, great job there! The stove is actually really well done, and thick enough to say it will last. The stainless shield (Which I recommend) as a nice thickness and look great on the stove while the Cast Iron is Powder coated. The Cast Iron is about 1/4″ thick which is great for this size stove, and a top trap to feed the wood (No issue at sea). Looking forward to install it.    

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  • Slowly…


    Winter is coming here,   worked on closing the boat down, and repair a snowblower as we do have a LOT of snow around here…. Meanwhile, I’ve order a new wood stove. It took me months of research to find something that is good and in my price rance. The wood stove are REALLY expensive on the “small” market…  They range between 900$ and 1500$ for a iron. I have found the fatsco Company, which do really small stove which bring this year their new model, the Midget. 15″ high, 9.5″ diameter, cast iron and Stainless Steel. I’ve ordered a Stainless Heat Shield with it, you feed the wood by the top by what it seems which is really secure to supply at sea. This one goes for about 500$, shipping included. Small company it seems, doing ears to mouth pretty much. Fast and perfect email service so far…. I’ve also stated a table saw, which work my “circular saw”, so I have 2 tools, easy to store away onboard and really nice to have. That’s it so far! Stéphane  

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  • An idea is in my head


    Hello all, I know I am really bad with news since I am on a routine life on land… Now it’s the same routine as everybody else, fighting for living and earning money to pay those continuous bills… I work on the boat as much my budget let me do, while getting entertain by my friend Nick which is crossing the Pacific as we speak. Seems like I may take a longer time in preparation and won’t be able to go this winter. This would mean a voyage sponsored by Visa and Mastercard and it’s not what I am looking far… Needless, it’s been a long time I have a idea in mind… Which I will not speak out loud, and prepare slowly toward  this direction…. I have spend too much time out of the society (Almost 10 years, nothing make sense here to me…). Wishing you all a great day, I should be able to install the Windvane in the next weeks. Lot’s of pictures will be supplied

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  • Long time no news…


    It’s been 2 weeks since I am in vacation, and it will soon be over… Do I have to say where did I’ve spent the last 2 weeks? I took this time to work a lot on the boat, but believe me… It’s hard to have everything done in a short period of time… The boomkin as been replaced, rudder cheek, tiller, engine reconnected, stove rebuild, electricity checked, fridge replug etc…. The weather was alright to work, and the wheel is a long gone story! Here a picture to compare the old and new: Old: New: The boat is getting in good shape, no surprise found and I am really happy with the purchase. Working hard to remove all that blue everywhere which is really a color I hate, but is only cosmetic. The next big step would be the bowsprit… Aries the windvane is all completly rebuild also and ready to be installed (YEAHHHHHHH)… The list is getting shorter, and after spending 2 weeks in this new boat… it make me wonder… Why did I lived in a 26ft for so long… It’s so nice to be able to carry all you tools and have a nice place to keep them dry and high!  

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  • How someone can dislike a sailor!


    I always loved boatyard, all of them: The sound, the smell, the crowd working on their boat, just the feel of it. It’s a place where people with the same passion can meet and share it with someone. I have spent the last 10 months or so far from those peoples, boats and the biggest talking I would have was what was a dingy. Not even 2 visits to my new boat and I got invited to dinner with nice people and talk about boats all night… With the gentle move of their boat on the water what else can I ask… I belong here. In the same time, it’s where I was able to meet that nice feeling of sailors helping each other, and by all this I was able to find a new windvane for my boat. Thanks to Denis, which put me in contact with another sailor who had one for sale (Where I was only going 5 minutes pick up the windvane, and end up staying there 6 hours with a dinner planned for next week!). It’s a old Aries which is in good condition, I’ve order a rebuild kit just in case, and plan to put it all apart and get it in A1 condition for doing some long passage. A friend of mine gived me his shop for doing so, this weekend probably! Meanwhile I am working on my new home, which is getting there. The wheel is entirely removed (Now have to fix those holes), and started to check all the electricity… My main job is mainly removal of everything fancy and keep the boat simple. I’ve started to build a nice place to have my tools always ready and store right… With plenty of storage well done for screws/bolts/electronics part/wire and all kind

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  • First time on it!


    I went for the first time on the boat since I’ve bought it and what a beautiful weekend this was! After removing most of the tarp, clean around, looking the overall shape of the boat, I have to say I am really happy with it. There is a lot of work to make it the way I want it for Offshore sailing but nothing structural really… I’ve discover that sailor that sailed offshore for a long time, have strong belief of what their boat should be, and even if people try to change their mind it just doesn’t feel right… In fact it is true, it’s not in the middle of the ocean that you want to discover you are sinking or putting your life at risk because of someone else advice…   I’ve bought new batteries, 2x 6volts deep cycle which should get the boat started (As the boat have place for another bank like that, and one for the engine). Here a few pictures of the deck all clean out! I’ve made a few friends around, and I have to say it was nice talking boat and having the feeling of a boatyard… It’s been quite a long time I didn’t feel that…  

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  • Not much really…


    Ahhhhh Winter! What a guy can do while his boat is covered with tons of snow…. I do not much these day’s really, I think the best move is actually doing any move at all! Just pilling up money and pay some debt so I will have more finance when the season will start… So no I have to say, I didn’t went to the boat since about 1 month, which is at 2h drive from where I live. I’ve started to rebuild my old Taylors 030 stove which I had on my last boat and I do love. I came in contact with the company and they actually sell every parts for it which is REALLY nice! I had this stove for free, of a Cruising friend some 8 years ago in South Carolina… I would not get rid of it for lot’s of reason and too many miles done with it! I begin to make a list of what will need to be done on the boat, to have the priority straight… Boomkin & bowsprit the first as need to be rebuild, and then will be removal of the wheel… Meanwhile the top #1 is get battery! The boat battery are dead! Any suggestions of Price/quality in the area or others?  

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  • New Project, Merlou a Westsail 32!


    It took some months to go over it…. The head is now clear and the desire of boat is back in my mind, a sailor without a boat is like a snail without his shell. Merlou, the new Westsail 32 that I own is in really good shape. But like every boat is it made to the taste of the last owner. The Interior quite clean and bright does look a bit like a Ikea to me which I hope to put more wood inside/out soon! The first owner installed a wheel steering, which I plan to take out to put back the original Tiller. After talking with Bud Taplin (The guy who build those westsail) the mainsail area was too big in the earlier model which made those hard on the tiller. Bigger headsail and reefing earlier make the boat a lot more balanced and easier to steer. I will be heading to the boat this weekend and will take some updated pictures. Have fun all, I’ve uploaded some pictures in the “Pictures” section.

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