• Où nous sommes rendus…


    Avant mon départ, j’ai cassé les oreilles à nombreux d’entre vous pour que vous visitiez ce site internet, à la blague, afin de financer l’achat d’une bouteille de vin. Voilà que plus d’un mois plus tard, nous n’avions toujours pas mis à jour ce site. Pas que nous n’avons plus besoin d’alcool à bord, (au contraire!), mais c’est beaucoup de travail un bateau… Il y a toujours quelque chose à faire et je crois devenir un pas pire matelot. Je ne suis pas à plaindre! J’ai quand même passé les premières semaines suivant mon arrivée à relaxer, lire, faire du yoga, lire, relaxer, et ainsi de suite… pendant que Stéphane terminait un contrat via Internet. Nous avons quitté l’ancrage de West Palm Beach le 25 avril, en direction de St-Augustine. Ma première traversée! 200 miles nautiques, soit deux jours et deux nuits. J’étais excitée et à la fois stressée. C’était, au départ, un moment magique. Il faisait beau, ensoleillé et les dauphins nous accompagnaient tout au long de la rivière, jusqu’à l’entrée de la passe vers l’océan. Nous aurions peut-être dû faire comme les dauphins et arrêter là parce que ça s’est mis à brasser dans la passe. Stéphane me

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  • Sailing foot


      Usually when your friend asks you for a boat tow in a harbor you don’t expect to be floating around in the ocean, your right foot nearly severed at the ankle, your propeller jammed stiff on your precious bones and sharks and mantas surrounding you. Yet, that’s just what happened when, ten years ago Stephan Tremblay asked me to help move his boat out of the channel in St. Augustine, Florida. I had met Stephan about nine months earlier. Both of us were hungry and cold, picking oysters from the banks of a Georgia swamp a few days before Christmas. We met again in north Florida and busked on the streets together. Later, he helped me float a hurricane wrecked 21 foot Chrysler sailboat from a small creek. We hung out together a lot during that cold winter, catching crabs in our traps and enjoying the boat bum life. Later that year, Stephan traded his 28 ft Lancer for a well used 40 foot early 70s trimaran. I watched for many months while he and his new girlfriend rebuilt the trimaran, stopping leaks, replacing rot, and getting and mounting masts and sails (the hole bit!). One of their more

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  • The first time

    Dirty Dancing

    Notice: First Post from Claudine. I wish I could say that the first time I’ve met Stephane was the most romantic date and that I had the time of my life, just like in the most romantic girly movie (aka Dirty Dancing here). It would have fitted perfectly with this Valentine’s weekend. But it was not… at all! Romance is not in our top qualities, so let’s just skip that part. I can tell you the first time I went on Stephane’s boat, the Merlou, was my first time on a sailing boat… at all!  I had no clue what to expect. St-Paul-de-l’île-aux-noix is a small village, located at 60 km south of Montreal. As I am a city girl, I don’t have a car and I prefer traveling by foot or riding my bike. So we fixed a meeting point : At a bus terminus of the nearest town; which happened to be in a creepy parking in a industrial zone…and where Stéphane got lost on the way. I  thought to myself: 1) I hope he has better orientation at sea than on earth (Which still need to be determined!) 2) Always tell him to be there 30 minutes earlier.

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  • Beach it, damn it!


    Running aground is one of the most sharing experience there is. You are sitting there, looking hopeless, tide running low while all the boats are passing by waving at you. You can’t hide, and the name of your proud vessel is written wide and big on the hull. A few more hours and you even gonna hear you on the VHF radio as a “Marine warning”. You know what? I’ve been there many times… There is some part along the coast of USA that I’ve did the waterway (A long stretch of inside rivers), there is no wind there so sailboat are motoring and trying to get the most out of their diesel. A slight push more on the throttle may push you a additional 0.3 knots letting you passing in front of the other boat you follow for hours! That’s exactly what happen.. I was leaving St-Augustine in Florida. Beautiful sun, tides pushing me, holding the helm with 4 others boats. As I never had any engine before I was playing this game, I was pushing mine just a little bit more to “pass” in front of the crowd and be the leader. I was looking fantastic with beautiful

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  • Power it, baby!

    Austin Power

    Power, we always want more of it. In any kind of form, style or age. I wanted more power for my Lego when I was young, more power for my old Nissan beat up car when I was teenager, more hair growing power right now, and hopefully not : sex power when older! It is what it is, we want more. In a house, we can connect whatever we want and get the power we want. On a boat, as amongst other things, we have to manage our power. It goes fast and we can’t get crazy about it. Just cold beer for 20min a day can cost you 23h40min of compromise down the road. But hey some things are worth it, other doesn’t (Do a woman really need an air dryer?). There is 4 deep cycle battery 6V, and 1 cranking battery for the engine. This is quite a huge bank for me as I am use to 1 single battery on the Contessa 26 for everything while living on it! With the fridge, computer, lights and musics I am just even on it. Sun is needed or after 2 or 3 days of clouds I’m losing my mojo!

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  • you gotta be sh*ttin me


    Interesting enough, I always had issue with toilet onboard. As far as I can recall. Or maybe they always had issue with me, it’s always a question of perspective. No wonder I had a bucket for years on the last boats. If you do not own a boat yet, or not living aboard, you would probably wonder why I talk about this subject. Believe me, once on a boat for a certain period of time, this high-tech, well needed confort piece of equipment give you stories (And smell) you won’t forget. Cooking onboard can be quite an adventure with the boat rolling and dancing in everyway possible. Fixing a head, with hoses filled with some wonderful mixture is quite on the “mission impossible task”. Offshore sailing is a piece of cake after this, and even Rambo won’t look like a tough guy. Why did I’ve started all this particular subject you may say?! Well, because I had issue with mine for the last 3 months (since I left pretty much). After 2 rebuild of the pump, changing all the hoses, 4 impellers, chemical products, rebuild of the toilet, and wonderful stories of splashing and cleaning. I can finally say (Crossing

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  • On the water again.


    It’s official, I am now officially living on the boat. A month ago, I’ve cut the last string I had attached to the land and cast off, one more time for adventure and call of the sea. It’s the fourth time, and boat number five but strangely enough, again’t all odd, here I am. I left Lake Champlain at the last possible departure date (Bridge closing for winter), mast down, motoring for this long path torward the Hudson river and the 13 locks awaiting. My father was with me, giving me a hand and for the first time be a crew onboard. It was snowing that day, cold wind, canadian winter settling in. Arrived at the custom the men was not even able to read my writing because my hands were so frozen. Soon after we anchor, and the wonderful little wood stove started his magic to raise the mood and warm up our brains. It started and never stop heating the boat for the entire week, while everyday covering more miles. Waking up in the morning with ice on deck, but with a cozy inside. Going throught the entire lake, and doing the locks where boring from a engine

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  • Winter is over!!


    Ahhhhhh the joy of finally hearing the bird sing again! Snow melting, smell changing it’s always a relief to see the winter ending, we survive through it… I’ve finally renewed with my long forgotten friend Westsail last weekend. The boat looked sad under the tarp and over 6 months of harsh weather! Meanless to say I was happy, it’s home. Even if I live in a house for work for the past 2 years when I arrive to the boat I can breathe, my rhythm change and I feel myself. After some cleaning the boat look a lot better, and I have to say I was really happy to try the heater at night. Toasty to sleep, but always hard to get out of the blanket in the morning when it’s out. I’ve finished installing the pulpit on the bowsprit and started to install the hatches . The cockpit locker was crying for help (rot starting), so I’ve removed them and started new one at the house… Should be installed soon… So much more to do for the departure this year: Windvane, solar system, lifeline, check the engine etc… But hey… I won’t complain I am finally leaving after some

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  • I am terrible on updates


    I think it’s a fact, I am terrible on updates! So good news! Work did goes forward, the heater is installed! I had to rebuild part of the bulkhead and make a big whole in the deck… The bowsprit is underway too….

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  • Back to work!


    Winter is over, Yayyy! Drived to the boat today and started removing the tarps and air it out. It was really nice to be there, see some friends and get back that feeling that only happen in a sailboat.I’ve started destroying a good part inside, making space to install the new wood stove. It took me some time to figure out where I will put it, but after some trial error I decided to sacrifice a part of my tools area for it. Structure is done, with a place for wood storage to burn (On the back of it)… Tiles are next step with stainless sheet to protect from the heat and some wood trim.   Which bring a second topic…. Time to move on the west coast! The boat will have his final preparation to sail toward the West Coast (Have you guessed?… Yes toward California!). Adventure ahead!

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