• Westsail
  • Winter is over!!

    Ahhhhhh the joy of finally hearing the bird sing again! Snow melting, smell changing it’s always a relief to see the winter ending, we survive through it… I’ve finally renewed with my long forgotten friend Westsail last weekend. The boat looked sad under the tarp and over 6 months of harsh weather! Meanless to say […]

  • Westsail
  • Back to work!

    Winter is over, Yayyy! Drived to the boat today and started removing the tarps and air it out. It was really nice to be there, see some friends and get back that feeling that only happen in a sailboat.I’ve started destroying a good part inside, making space to install the new wood stove. It took […]

  • Contessa
  • Co26 Chapter 5

    It is always a magical moment when you raise the anchor for a departure. Your legs are light, your heart happy with the unknown left to discover. I’ve found over time that there is 2 kind of persons, those that need to know exactly what will happen and those that don’t. For me it’s a […]