soon to set sail!!!

I finally got some good soil to begin seeds for herbs and little veggies..also for growing sunflower and buckwheat greens(they make awsome salad at 5-7 days old with some vinagrette dressing and fresh sprouts, Oh Yeah!!)it will be nice to have the time(that you have no shortage of offshore) to improve on some of those ‘experimental’ things like making ‘sailor cheese’ from powdered milk. i tried before and it was less than great, and yogurt too. we got some good fishing equipment, i just need to learn how to fish!

it’s been truly a great stay in georgetown. i had a job bartending at the local watering hole (the Dogwood Cafe) if you’re ever in the area check it out, tell Don i sent you!!!we were hoping to get a new dinghy while here, but that didn’t happen. i am hoping that since it is the world’s worst dinghy that maybe we will win something. that would be great! i will definately miss the canopied live oaks with spanish moss hanging everywhere making cool green tunnels on almost every side street. but i trade it for tropical sun and clear blue water. not bad.
thanks to everyone in georgetown who made our stay so good!!!! you’re wonderful
peace ya’ll !!!

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