Beaufort NC

Hi everybody,
well there i am in Beaufort, NC. It take me and Joshua 5 days to reach it. The sailing was GREAT !. Nice SW/SE wind all the way 10/15 knots, calm sea nice sun. I have been becalmed only 6 or 7 hours right after i left the Bahamas. The windvane hold the course pretty 90% of the time, i curse on it several time, especialy in the middle of the night when i needed to adjust it again, but it work in average 🙂

The last day i did 8.5 knots all night when i cross the gulfstream, and in the morning around 50 dolphins was swiming and playing with joshua. They are jumping all around and racing. Its was a simply a perfect sailing, i even found when i see the land again, some regret. I just wanted that moment to keep going forever.

Presently its blowing from the N at cap hatteras so im waiting that everything pass to go more north. But i found some good hardware store here and i will fix some stuff on joshua. I want to build a sweep (I think its the name of it in english), its a long oar that you put on the back of the boat to push you when the wind die.

Im still thinking positively to remove the engine, the boat sail so well even on really light wind. At beaufort inlet the wind die 5 miles offshore, at not even 5 knots. but Joshua under full genoa and main continue is way at 2 knots, leaving me reading books and waiting to reach it. Sorry i really love me boat, its sail soo well i can talk about it for hours.

At beaufort the Coast guard give me a chart of the area and i found a nice little anchorage well protected that i reach yesterday on a 2 knots current. It was funny sailing on current since i didnt see some in months. Meet some live aboard and we are only 3 boats on that anchorage.

Have fun everybody !

Stephane and Joshua

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