Pacific around October

Hi everybody !
well i think a dream come true. Im more then happy that i did follow the
sign that show me to turn back in the Bahamas..
Guess what !, i make enough money here to pay a transport to move Joshua and
Me on the West Coast ! the Pacific finally !!!!
If everything go well, i should be there in October and spend the winter at
Vancouver in British colombia, working and preparing
the boat for long crossing. First goal …. French Polynesia !

Its a dream come true, its been 4 years now im dreaming about that. I would
like to thanks specialy my dad who help me a lot here,
and Dan a friend in New Jersey that give me a great hospitality and take
good care of Joshua the time im in Canada (Need to stay here
1 month for the job).

Like those who know me well, should know im all excited of that new
challenge. So much posibility now : Easter island, galapagos, hawaii
Vietnam, australia , new zealand etc… Sometime with some 1 month offshore
crossing, a sailor dream !

I will do some major work on Joshua to be prepare for that. First of all,
remove everything that is not essential, the less material i got
the less problem i can have. The head and the engine will be the 2 first one
to go (The engine still at is place, didnt haulout yet to remove it).
Next step will be to minimize electricity at the maximum (If i can even
remove it all, it will be great !), try to keep the GPS for backup only,
and use the sextant everyday. I want to be the less dependant possible of
all technology that cannot be fix onboard easily.
From my point of view, the simple it is on a boat the safer, easier and
funnier is your life, without forget more money for you to discover these
beautiful country !

Take care everybody !

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