At my first week on land full time,
i was happy of the shower
i was enjoying the TV
i was suprise by the fresh water and the laundry
But after 2 weeks,
i miss the sound of the water on the hull
i miss the movement of Joshua
i miss wakeup in the middle of the night for looking at the stars
i miss when Joshua come alive under sail
i miss the friend meet in various port
Now close to 3 weeks
i discover that my place is not on land anymore
i change, the sea make me change.
Living with the rhythm of the nature
taking time to listen, to see and to enjoy
But im happy that i did come, because now i know whatever happen on the
that im at my place, traveling with my friend Joshua and its the only place
i want to be.

Stephane missing is life
2 weeks and a half left for the return !

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