Finally news !!

Hi everybody !
i hope you are all doing fine .
Well like most of you know i am still in New Jersey after a little trip(6
weeks) in Canada to see the familly.
It was really nice to spend some time around, relax and think.
I did spend some time too with my old mate Melinda, who was great moment and
really nice to ear her new storys. A lot of good talking and thinking was
involved, and it was just nice to see her again before our path go on
different direction again …

So like some of you already know, i change plan and will not go sailing this
winter for several reason. And after almost 5 years on the water, i decided
that i miss nature and the green. I will put Joshua on the hard for the
winter and go backpacking in the appalachian trail. For those who dont know,
the appalachian trail is a long hiking into the montain that can take from 6
to 8 months depend how fast you are doing it. From Georgia too Maine(And the
trail can go to Gaspesia if you want to keep pushing). Winter beginning
soon, i will start in New Jersey and head toward Georgia to dont have too
much a bad time with the winter. I think it will be a great adventure and i
see it mostly like a pilgrimage then a hiking. I hope to be gone within a
week (Nothing hold me around anymore), and i dont know how long it will take
me, no schedule plan and thats wonderfull.

I will bring my camera, and try to post some picture when i will be lucky
enough to found internet..

Take care Everybody

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