last news …

Well the day as come … and i will be gone Monday ! Yeah ! We have, me and
Dan a wonderfull sailing yesterday bringing Joshua to is Winter slip on a 20
knots breeze … everything went so well we both found it totally strange !
From leaving the mooring under sail … to enter the channel of the marina
under sail … to go into the slip everything went so smootly ….

So this weekend will be the super cleaning time of Joshua and getting rid of
all that stuff i carry for nothing on the boat 😉 Do a big wash with Fresh
Water (OOOOO YEAH!), and add crazy dock line everywhere. The slip is well
secure and im pretty sure everything will go alright … Dan will keep a
look on Joshua the time im gone and i store all my valuable item to his

My backpack is ready to go … all made and weight a good 47 pounds ! I got
lazy on my weekend test of the material and got my super tent back and a
sleeping pad (I know that’s crazy … im getting spoil !!!) I got shower
everyday and a real bed since 2 weeks (Dan great hospitality) and should be
ready for some other crazy adventure !! So the first goal will be reach my
friend in Virginia that should take me a month i think to 45 days. After i
will see if i keep going or if i change plan again ! The next part from
Virginia to Georgia is really high on the montain … so that should be with
snowshoes and frozen nose. Will see im open to everything … and love
suffering and put myself in some crazy situation so ….

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