Good morning everyone!

Just a little update of the situation. Yes. I am still in Toronto! Presently living in a youth hostel downtown, and working as a Software Programmer for the company ADP. This 4 months stay in Toronto was full of challenge, joy, success, deception, thinking, testing and laugh.

After all this time far from the water and element, surrounded by people and community, it makes me discover and learn a lot from others and myself. My finance is low, but if no major problem occurs (And even so, I’m sure I will find a way out) I will be leaving to reach Joshua and fulfill my goal. This expedition is a dream, and being one of those man who believe that dream exist to be achieve , I will accomplish it.

I would like to thank all of you that support me, and believe in me. Such of an expedition won’t be the same without the feeling of sharing it with others.


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