Mailing list 25 april

I am presently sitting in the bus going toward Joshua when I am writing this (3h am), a step toward a new beginning.

Today, at my last day working, they did a little party during lunchtime for my departure.
This did bring me a tear in my eyes, remembering me the sailor curse. Leaving wonderful people just when you begin to know and love them.

I’m not realizing yet that I will be crossing the Atlantic in 2 weeks. I see it like a movie in my head, a movie that will soon become a reality.

I will never thanks enough Dan and her wife Nancy in New Jersey for all their help since I bought Joshua (I bought Joshua from Dan’s son). They contribute so much, and since so long that I don’t even know where to begin!

I would also like to thanks William, again, for his second financial contribution and his words of encouragement.

Also a big Congratulation to Nick, who just finish crossing the Atlantic single-handed on his Contessa 26 (


I’ve just arrived in New Jersey 2 hours ago (After a nice 14 hours bus trip), and going to start working on Joshua today. I will try to make a little video of the “preparation” before leaving. 😉
Hopefully I will be leaving within 2 weeks (Depend mostly of my windvane, didn’t received the part yet … been 20 days!)

Have a good one all!

Stéphane &
S/V Joshua III

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