Newsletter 1 may

Good evening everyone!

Hope you all doing good

Here the work is going really forward.

The windvane part arrived, and a lot of other materials is now
install on the boat (Yeah!).

New GPS, Webbing on the deck for safety line, new block for the
mainsail, sew a lot on the mainsail to give it a chance (Was not able
to afford a new one before departure), new good manual bilge pump (We
never know!), Winches bring to the mast, new Plexiglas for portlight,
etc …

The boat is getting together and I am mentally prepare for this new
challenge. I was hoping haul out the boat here before leaving, finish
closing old seacock of the engine, and a new coat of anti fooling, but
marina around here charge almost 500$!! Crazy price! The tide is not
high enough to beach the boat. So I will just take a few more bottle
of rum, be more patient for the crossing with my not so clean bottom
(I will dive to clean before leaving) and leave a little bit sooner.

All that to say, that I am really happy to be here again. Working on
my boat and be back to this life that I like. All this time on land
during last winter was begin to make me feel depress!

Take care all!

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