Newsletter 7 may

I was working on Joshua all day, nice and sunny on the hard(Joshua been haul out).
At the end of the day I decided to remove the “keel plug” to let the water still in the bilge to drain out. I removed the plug no problem. Water is coming out, good!

When I go back to work in the cockpit, a guy from the marina pass by and said:
Him: Hey you have diesel spill.
Me: Oh! Sorry (I guess some diesel left from the old engine, a small quantity)
Him: Well we will need to take care of that (And I ear a guy curse in the back).
Me: Do you need help, something I can do?
Him: No it’s ok, they will just throw some sand over the whole thing.

I’m going back to my work and all of the sudden 2 polices car, 2 fire truck and another car arrive. Around 15 peoples all dress up ready to rescue a 500 gallons spill. All the people looking at me; with the light all open and flashing (Great it’s Christmas!). Everybody attracted from the Marina and come asking questions … I’m the guy pointed out … (Damn … it was not even a pint! But with the water it make it spread out). They throw some sand on it when a Police officer comes again to ask me more questions:

Him: You know that in the states you will need to pay for that
Me: What?
Him: Well somebody got to pay for all this; they decide the price so be nice with those guys.
Me: (I’m thinking, I don’t want to spend the little money I have for a Diesel spill, I don’t even have an engine anymore!).

Those guys left and didn’t talk about money (Good, I hope!), so I’ve take my stuff and was heading for a much needed beer. But I needed to stop to the police station to give my and Joshua ID. Seth (A friend) comes with me to the police station.

We answer some questions and the guy say well my Sergeant wants you to go at the scene (Oh great! Sound’s like I commit a murder!). After driving there, I discover that I need to found a way to “dispose of this contemned material” (The fu@#$#@ sand) and he will need an Invoice from the person who will do it. Great … I’m still waiting to know if the Marina can do it for me … this happen 2 hours ago!

Except that, Joshua is out of the water and the work is going forward ….If I stop spilling not even a pint of diesel 😉

Take care all


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