Newsletter 20 may

Hello everybody, a little update …. quite strange …

The last week was fill with good and bad things, I can go for over pages to explain everything but let’s try to do it simple with a little list! 🙂

-My computer broke down, no detail charts anymore. Order a new piece to fix it!
-The new piece for the computer was not working, get refund. Order a new one quite more expensive!
-Climb up the mast to remove all wires making noise inside (2 years i dreamed of that), finally done after some cursing and 2 days going up and down.
-Discover up the mast, the 14 pop rivets that hold the shroud were all broke. Replaced with 7 bolts going through
-Didn’t received my last paycheck, repair a lot more expensive then expected and will be my only money to go. So I hope to received it really soon!!
-My main GPS broke down, will go with a sextant and my old handheld.
-Just finish printing some backup paper charts for the crossing, all nice and ready!
-Received my new manual bildge pump, installed and work great!
-Installed the new VHF cable, from the top of the mast, around the back stay to the radio. Simple and work great!
-Gale after gale after rain after rain. The weather is quite not cooperative. I guess i will need to leave in a gale!
-Only 2 more things to do on the boat to have the TODO list done. But both require somebody to hold some bolts on the other side.
-Boat clean inside out, food ready, almost ready to go!

Except these little things, I have 2 nice visit this week. Donna Lange who come for a nice talk and sail on the harbor. We got a light breeze and enjoying that sailing under full sail. It was really nice to spend some times with another sailor and friend. I’m glad she didn’t complain about the boat too much. Joshua was really dirty inside out, and to make it worst Bird was having a shi!#$% party on the boat during the night! I learned she was coming 1 hour before going to bed, and she arrived at 6h30 the next morning 😉 But this didn’t stop us to have some fun!

Last weekend Catherine from Quebec come for a visit too, we got a great time and a great sailing in 15/20 knots of wind. Joshua was doing great with some 30 and 40 degrees of heel over upwind, with Catherine trying to walk straight inside to search some more warm clothes (Are you make it worst because I go inside? She said. No, No i answer back with a big smile in my face seeing her trying to stay straight!). She spent 2 days on board, and we really had a great time despite of my bad cooking, some rain and crazy wind the next day.

So mainly I’m waiting for parts again, somebody with free time to help me with the 2 last work, and the weather to settle a bit!

Have all a good day!

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