Newsletter 29 may

Hello everybody!
Here is the last newsletter before the crossing!

In the last week, some interesting story happen. First Keith and his wife Florida came for a visit (They found me via the website).
Keith was suppose to arrived via the little beach at the marina, but with no real confirmation.

Working and spreading caulking everywhere on me and Joshua when doing some repairs, I begin to believe they will not show up.
Then finally relaxing fixing up the winches, a Yachtclub boat come close and a men asking if I have Channel 9 on my VHF. I poke my head inside, grabbing the VHF microphone and switching to 9, when I turn my head back these people are jumping on board. I’m asking to myself, what the hell is happening, and the boat is leaving, confusion for several minutes I discover it was them! After running everywhere to clean a bit, we had a great time chatting, story telling and boat talking. It’s always nice meeting other people sharing the same passion.

Catherine came again for the weekend too, and just like the previous one we got a great time. Relaxing, talking and walking around (The head stay was being rebuild and needed to cure so no sailing! Sorry ). She is a really nice person, and I should see her again in Europe.

William Zellman given me for a third time a donation. If it continue that way he will became my main sponsor and I will need to put is face on my sails ;). Thanks William, I really appreciate.

All the major work are done. Food, kerosene, water is filled and everything ready to go. Believe it or not, the third part for fixing the computer didn’t work either. It’s almost ridiculous and frustrating and turn out to be a quest. I think I can found a way around it and make it work, will see.

So the big departure is Sunday or Monday, the weather look good and me & Joshua are ready.
I’ve put a little video online about the departure:

Starting Monday, for the next 20/25 days: when you will go to work, go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or relax during the weekend I will be out there sailing east. Funny isn’t! 😉

Take care everybody

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