Horta in 21 days!!

Hello everybody,
just a quick message until tomorrow or the next day ..
I left 5 days later then expected, needed to spend some time alone with Joshua.

The weather was quite nice, North wind to North-east for almost 15 days … 1 days heave-to during gale force wind, and 2 days in total becalmed.

In average the days pass really quickly, an I truly feel like I’ve left 2 days ago.
The island is beautiful, and Anibal (Another Contessa owner) give me great hospitality.

I will give more info and video about the crossing soon, but just to say everything went well, I didn’t touch the tiller once in all that time, and 21 days for 2100 miles is a pretty good average!! Biggest day : 140 miles, smallest 36.

A few problem but normal random offshore problem 😉

Talk to you soon !

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