Video & more infos across the Atlantic!

Hi everybody,

so here I’ve put the new video on the videos section of the website

Like I’ve said the crossing was pretty good, lot’s of North wind by depression north of me. I was becalmed several time, but every time follow by a nice 15/20 knots breeze making me sail in the 7 to 9 knots range so everything compensate at the end. (Yes you’ve read well, in the 7/9 knots of range … It was terrific sailing!!)

Not of lot’s of time on Internet here, so sorry if my english was not corrected and the video lower quality then usual. I will fix those issue when I will reach the mainland.

Here are the “fast” version of the 21 days:

1)Left at 4h50am, no wind. Anchor at 5h 0 and left again at 7h34 almost no wind drifting toward the inlet. Wind picking up right after the inlet at 13h 3 from the SW going ESE to go reach the 40. Lying on the floor, waiting for my sea leg upwind.

2)Nice day, doing 5kn SE. Lot’s and I really mean lot’s of fly onboard, do I smell so bad? Those bastard bite too! 107 miles

3)Broke one side of my glasses, fix it with duck tape(Look nice!). Wind shift North going east at 4kn. Fog really heavy at the time, becalmed most of the time. 34 miles

4)Light wind & becalmed, still lot’s of fog all the time. Found some trick with the windvane(After cursing it for 2 days it was my fault!).69 miles

5)It’s really damn hot! The water changed color, I thing I have reach the gulf stream. Over charged the battery and killed the electric pilot(Useful on really light wind). North-west wind, then becalmed, then 20 knots from the North-west again. Doing 6/7kn under jib. 133 miles

6)Changed timezone today! Doing 8kn under jib. Wind peaking up and sea begin to break. Beam reach (North wind). 93 miles (Heave-to a part of the day to cook and clean)

7)Heave-to to repair the windvane that broke at 2 places this morning. Fixed the automatic pilot in the same time. Wind from the north increasing close to gale then feel like a gale to me. Caught right in the axis of the gulf stream, strange wave pattern.
Lay in my buck, eating peanuts and cursing the wind. Port light going under water often, making a real pretty blue to look at from my bunk(And I’m not sarcastic, it was really a pretty blue!). 63 miles

8)Back sailing, another part of the windvane broke down, the new one that I changed before leaving, installed the old one. Wave breaking over the deck often, the deck is now really clean and white. Beautiful to see, it’s the first time it is so clean … That was the tricks? 95 miles

9)Still north wind, then shirt to west and back to north. Barometer rising! Water under one bunk. 109 miles

10) North wind, I think I am following a low front, feel lonely today. Cook 2 good meals feeling better. Seen only 2 boats from far since I’ve left. 116 miles

11)A canadian plane flew over me and around today. Talk with them on the VHF, they are looking for a lost at sea sailboat 12 day’s ago.Water that I’ve found under the bunk is not sea water … but my main fresh water tank leaking badly(Damn flexible water tank that doesn’t worth ….). Cannot found from where, 2 jerrys can full in the worst so I’m not worry. 89 miles

12)SE wind today, then East-South-East, crossing another timezone. Wishing meeting those South-West wind one day!! did they really exist? I wonder. Becalmed at the end of the day, rainy fill all tanks full. 73 miles

13)Brake other side of my glasses today, Today I have enough and freaking out a little. I didn’t have one day without changing sails or taking reef. Wind changing directions and speed all the time since days. Heave-to to relax and having the boat stable enough to use the toilet! then resume sailing. 115 miles

14)Wind shifting with a tiny bit more south so I can easy sheet and feel so much better! So better then today I have a great meal for lunch, raw ramen noddle with ketchup. Taste wonderful, I should open a restaurant of that stuff. Strange floating not identifed object in my water, taste quite bad too. With a LOT of Ice tea mix it’s not too bad and you almost don’t sea the things anymore!(The one of the jerry can taste good at least!) Sky was blue for a minutes today since days, it was nice then disapear again. Found a little station on my little shortwave radio that give position of low pressure. Another one is forming right north of me, great! Lay on my damp bunk, with my damp pillow and damp blanket waiting to get out of that upwind, no sun scenario! 121 miles

15)Wind from the west lighter, feel better. Still cloudy, later wind shift to North West. 107 miles

16)North wind again! Seas calming down, watching some movies inside under full sail. Try to fish with no good result. 19 miles

17)Nice day! North wind, but the motion of the boat is better and lot’s of star during the night (Mean cloud are gone!!! Yeah party! Damn I’m out of booze!) 100 miles

18)Becalmed most of the day, then under spinaker. South-West wind. Crossed the last timezone. Beautiful night filled with stars from everywhere, slept on the deck under full sail at 3 kn. 85 miles

19)Wind picking up during the night, doing 6 knots under jib and 2 reefs mainsail. 140 miles today! That’s nice! Day pass by without notice, Doesn’t feel at all like 19 days to me, feel like I left yesterday!

20)Not much to say, good 20 knots wind, boat doing is best and it feel great! 130 miles

21)Wind dying during the night. Slowly doing the last 95 miles for Horta. Takes all day, and at 2 miles from the anchorage the wind totally die. Becalmed, jelly fish passing me! I did 1 miles in 5 hours. At around 21h30, a little boat come by, the men in portugese is telling me : “I see you since this morning drifting here, throw me a cable so I can tow you in!”. Going at 4 kn toward Horta! Feel sick walking on land, and didn’t sleep all night being so use of the sea rythm. I’m am happy to be here, but in the same time I feel sad to leave that sea life that I became to love and being use to it. Even during some time when I was cursing I really enjoyed the ride and was doing some good average. Joshua make me proud of him, and I loved to watch him going at full speed under a beautiful moon. I really love the boat, the best sailing I’ve got. Thanks to the windvane too, didn’t touch the tiller for 21 days. It was great!

So here are the 21 days, even if sometime it was feeling like I am
curse I really had a great time. When everything was bad, I was
cooking a good meal, watching a movie

and was ready for more. It’s been 1 day now that I am here, Joshua clean and ready to go again. Just need to fix that Water tank.

Take care all!

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