Hello Everybody,
hope you are all doing well like I am.

Faial is a beautiful island, a perfect balance between island life and civilized land. It feel secure, clean, nobody try to sell you something, and nobody beg for anything and its simply beautiful. Inside the island, the government installed and maintain beautiful area for the local and entertainment.

I was thinking people will be poor because of lack of work, but all house look to be in good shape with happy and healty people. Thanks to Anibal who give us(Me and 2 others bluewater sailors that I will talk again later) a ride into the island and showing us some incredible view. Anibal with is top shape condition Contessa 26 want to cruise in the southern tip of South America in the next years. I wish him great fun and a wonderfull trip for the wonderful person he is.

I have fixed my water tank with a totaly different system. Ive throw out my flexible tank(I dont trust it anymore), and installed a coca-cola stainless steel can for water tank(5 galons, 20 liters) for the convenience of a water pump(Thanks to Ed and Jerry for this tank). Anibal helped me to convert another 5 galons coca-cola can into a tank that I will finishg installing when I will reach the mainland that I will connect to the same pump (Thanks Anibal), giving me 10 galons(40 liters) fixed and a lots of 5 liters(1.5 galons) little bit everywhere on the boat depending of how long I will be at sea. This system suit me fine, and I prefer having lots of bottle everywhere then just a big one. Without speaking of the gain in space, making the boat lighter, more simple and hopefully with less problem. The sea will be telling me soon!

Ive meet 3 others bluewater sailor on small boat here, coming from a great race called the Jester Challenge. The Jester Challenge is simple, with only 4 rules : Boat under 30 feets, no sponsors, single handed, no professionnal skippers. Just great and what race should be! They all arrived from England to Azores from boat around 21 foot to 28, and planning a race from England to Rhode Island,USA in 2010.

Catherine and I decided that she will come spend sometime onboard, discovering the Med. She will arrive around the 25 on Paris, then take a transportation to Spain, hopefully Gibraltar so we can explore a good part togeter. Catherine never sailed before, her first sail was on Joshua at Sandy hook a month ago. Look like she liked it!
With her little 4 foots 4 inches she shouldnt take too much place on board ;), and Im even jalous because she can stand up everywhere on the boat! It will be nice to share moments with a person, will see if she can handle the boat and the skippers!

I will be heading for Spain tomorow(Will probably take me 11 days), I dont think I will stop to another island. The azores are beautiful, but I feel like finishing this crossing and taking it easy in Europe.
Hard to explain, hopefully you guys will understand without too much explication!

Ive put some pictures of Faial in the Pictures sections(The connection stop before I can put them all!). You can see the little painting I did on the wall too, If you ask me what the symbol mean … Simple it mean nothing! I wanted to write some symbol but forget to bring my paper, so doing it from my head I discover that I created a new symbols 🙂 Hopefully it doesnt mean something totally stupid! 🙂

Take care all

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