Portugal Mainland!

Hi everybody,
quick email I will send another one soon with more detail.

So there I have reach Portugal mainland. The ride was quite challenging.
Head wind the whole way in the 15/20 kt range. Wave over the deck the whole way, at 20/30 degrees of inclination. At 200 miles from the coast, the wind shift at 30 knots and gusty straight from the North, beam reach. I got a knock down from a rogue wave, making me waking up on the wall cover with books and all other stuff from the other side. A part of the windvane, that was 3/8 thick metal broke totally at 2 places. Needed to hand steer for a while until the seas calm down so I can put the automatic pilot.

Normally I don’t go beam reach on that kind of wind, but the situation was making it mandatory knowing that I won’t found favorable wind later and current if I head for South and the weather being the sames for days. I found a way to fix the windvane to make it stronger and simplier just need to found a SST flat bar and a wielder.

Give you more news soon!

Take care all 🙂

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