Relaxing in Spain

Good afternoon all of you!
Just a quick up to date.
Like some of you know, I’m Anchor at “La linea” since almost 2 weeks.

Life is now more relaxing, fixing the boat slowly but mostly having cocktail with all other boaters around. It’s really nice, because all boat here go to remote location. Some toward South America, others in Pentagonia, south Africa etc … All blue water sailor. Like usual Joshua is the smallest boat in the harbor and attract lot of attention with is Canadian Flag.

Most of the people have problem to believe I did the crossing in “that” (Like they say and really pis@#$#@ me off). It always nice to had that I don’t have engine and fancy electronic ..It close the conversation quite fast normally 😉

I’m slowly looking for a job around, I would like to make a little bit of money to have a sweep for the boat, and a really light genoa for the med. Like everybody is telling me the med is no wind or too much wind … So better being prepare to drift around!.

It’s interesting to see the difference of cruising sailboat. Here is the aluminum that are everywhere, all flat bottom with a swing keel with a wide beam. Joshua is the only classic line that I have seen since a while.

I will put pictures online soon.

Take care everybody & Have fun!

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