La Linea

Hello all of you,
it’s difficult to keep with the update having so much things happening.

So what’s happening in “La linea” ?! Meeting lot’s of boater’s and making some friends.
I’ve found a little job fixing sails for spanish sailboat. It’s a easy job that I can do from Joshua,
their is a possibility that I go work for a sailmaker in town who need help. That would be great, because
it will give me access to sew machine and good advice to make myself new sails for low cost. Leave here with a new set of sails will be so great !!

A steel boat here (Patrick & Veronique from Corsica on Eowyn) helped me fixing the windvane with their welding equipment. I’ve been out yesterday for a test on the bay, for 30/35 minutes the windvane worked really good but after that for a reason unknown everything stop working even if it’s all look in order. I will need to spend more time on it.

Catherine doing great, she found the boat rhythm quite fast, I try to bring her sailing on the bay several time before the next offshore passage, so she can get use to it and learn the boat. It’s quite different to live on a small boat with somebody, after some adaptation I think I’m not doing too bad. 😉

Mainly I miss sailing long passage with Joshua, where everything is simple. But I know I won’t found some work in Asia neither a lot of work on other country where the language is a big issue. So need to sacrifice a bit here, and go back sailing really really soon 😉 The boat being so simple, I don’t need a lot to be in great shape, just enough for a big grocery and emergency.

I got a new sail in great condition from a abandoned boat, a Yankee. Just the right size between my Genoa and the Working Jib. I may need to run a block on the backstay to make it work perfectly but I am happy having more sail to choose from. A good storm jib more small to be able to sail in 45/50 knots, and a drifter for really light wind and It will be the perfect set!

We have taken some pictures of the area, we will put that online in a day or 2.

Take care all!

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