Update — Gibraltar

Good morning everyone!

Sorry for the delay, but our usual place for Internet doesn´t work anymore.

So what is happening, nothing special mostly working on the boat. Some major work was done,
here a little list:

-New Sail in good condition, a Yankee I got for free.

-New Computer better then my old one. Got it for free but was broke, fixed it and work great.

-Remove the aluminum rail on both side of the boat, was leaking. Filled it with polyester and make a blue stripe.

-Oil lamp everywhere

-2 new lee cloth, for a good sleep.

-Fixed the oven that was not working and are baking all the time.

-Put a main switch on the electric to shut everything down fast.

-Installed a voltmeter and ampermeter on the electric to keep a eye on it all the time

-Get for free and installed a radar reflector on top of the mast (The nice one)

-Installed a new winch (a 32 I think) for the anchor & Sea-Anchor. Go it for free too!

-Wield and upgraded the windvane. Back in order.

Most of the things I got for free was a exchange of work, or gift.

Gibraltar was a nice stop, but we are thinking that it´s time to head for adventure again. We didn´t make money, it only cover our main fee here. But it allow us to fix the boat better, and we have enough for the Suez canal so I´m not worry. Next stop we don´t know, I have a friend to go see in south of France, but winter is coming. Will see … maybe Tunesia for the winter. So much option, and everything is new here. But I really want to go see my friend … so will see …

Take care all

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