Preparing for the winter

Sorry for the delay! Lot´s of things happening here.
First we have been kick out of the anchorage 2 weeks ago, the luxury boating, like everywhere is expending, closing anchorage to build big Marina to attract a different kind of boaters.

We have made a big expense this week … My windvane was pretty much not working anymore, even with some try. And if it was working again it was not something I can thrust enough for the Indian Ocean coming. So we bought a new WindPilot and will receive it this week. Now we got to found work because we have a big loan on our head! But hey this give us such a motivation to found some too! … Windpilot did make us a better price so this really did help, thanks to them!

So mainly we are searching work at Gibraltar everyday since a little bit, hopefully found some soon. We are thinking maybe spend the winter here (Depending of the work result), to upgrade the boat (New rigging, new mainsail, pay the new windvane), and keep going beginning next year. We decided to stick to the plan for now … and will try this. IF we found some work elsewhere we will move the boat there for the winter. If somebody hear of something…. ?!

La linea is not really a place I will suggest to people for long time staying. Lot of crime here, kid swiming to the boat stealing material. Kid(16/17 year) throwing rock at you when you arrive close to a pier that is owned by them for now. Even a friend coming from work in his bicycle 2 weeks ago, get knock down on is head with a big stick to stole his bike and check his pocket. Hopefully Spain is better elsewhere! Even after caught some kid stealing and call the “policia Maritima” nothing happen, they didnt say nothing and let them free. I guess they dont like us here.

But on the other side, their is some nice little market and Gibraltar (On the UK side) is nice and safe. We think to move the boat there (No anchorage just Marina there) when working will be on the way and to dont have to worry about the boat. Being paid in British pound is a good advantage too.

Pictures are coming soon.

Have fun everybody!

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