Good evening everybody …

Sorry to be slow on the message lately… but really where to begin!

2 weeks ago, we had a big blow here. A force 9 SE wind, making the
swell from the Med bouncing on the other side of the bay, and come as
a opposite swell of 2 meters (8 foots) in the anchorage, breaking on
some sailboat that didn’t survive the blow. Being exposed, I raised
anchor where I needed the swell to pull the line, and sail with my
storm jib on the new anchorage. Trying to go upwind to be more secure,
and sailboat begin to be really close to each other on this getting
crowded place, Joshua tack right before a Spanish boat. At this moment
a gust that didn’t want us to tack push Joshua back on his place
stopping it instantly …. Joshua without speed hit gently the Spanish
sailboat, but with no damage and comprehension of the owner. We then
sail more downwind for anchor having a stone wall, where each stone
are higher then human to block those swell. We are having some 40
degrees at anchor of heel over on the gust, leaving us on anchor watch
all night.

Boat drifting everywhere on the anchorage, Tanker on the other side
of the wall rocking like hell (5 of them finish on the rock), everybody trying to hold on. A friend
drift at less then 1 meter (3 foot) of the wall before he woke up and
fire is engine forward dragging anchor to save is skin. Nobody was
able to do nothing, dingy was not a option.

A catamaran that didn’t change of anchorage was having is mast
touching the water at each wave, and the back current was bringing it
back up. Biggest storm in 40 years by weather person …. and the
weather was talking of just 35 knots!

And the stone wall is totally gone!

At the middle of the night of the blow, a pain start in my back. 3
weeks ago I moved a disk, and I thing the disk decided to awake too!
The pain was getting more severe every time, and when the blow slow
down, I needed to go at the hospital. The dingy ride, and taxi ride
kill me. I’m a proud person, and I can handle pain really good, so to
see me on my knees on the emergency room, without taking its because I
cant handle it anymore… 2 painkiller shot, and 1 hours later I was
feeling better. Even the pills I have on board if I broke a arm was
not working!

They kive me strong medicine and advice to make it heal. Now I am
doing better and can walk and row again!

In between We received Victor, the new Wind pilot and installed it.
The installation is not totally done, a part being too short, a little
problem from Wind Pilot, but they will send me the piece in the
canaries no problem, and they say it should work still.

I will be happy to try it soon. Our plan for now, is to spent the
winter in the Canaries on suggestion of several peoples. The ARC race
being there too soon, we hope to found some boat work at the
beginning, and another person I have meet here, is there now and need
my last Windvane for parts … So the finance to pay back the new one
is on is way.

Around March/April, it will be Madeira and back on the track for the
next season. The weather in the Canaries and possibility of work make
it a good stop I think.

A weather window look good for Friday, so its time to go! Joshua is
on way better shape then when I arrived, and fixed from all the
problem made by the knock down in the Atlantic.

I will try to put pictures online soon, I have a bunch!

Take care all,

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