Changing plan

Good morning everyone!
Well …. just a quick one.

The disk I moved in my spine 2 months ago decided to come back in pain when we were going for the Canaries. After flipping a coin (I have a video of that) we decided to continue into the Med instead for shorter cruise and going forward in the PeacefulJourney. My back still hurt as I write this, but sometime go better … need to really found a quiet anchorage somewhere to relax my back… but they are hard to found in Spain!!

I am presently in Motril, where we been kick out of the anchorage again from the Guarda civil (After sailing against the wind in a really narrow channel crowded with fisherman) and hope to head soon for a more pleasant place. We will need to found a place for a bit of work too. All the repair from the bad weather encounter during Horta->Gibraltar had taken a considerable amount of our money combined. We are not giving up and keep pushing forward… Just hoping fill up the amount onboard, because I know it wont be possible in Asia!

Take care all.
Sorry if I dont answer to all your email, Internet is hard to found and never lot of time with it, but they are really nice to read.

Thanks to Nick for is contribution when I was at Gibraltar …. It was really appreciate.


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