Good morning !
So what’s is happening in this sailing life ….
Well we finally reached a cheap marina to rest my back after a nice 10 days for 150 miles!
After leaving Gibraltar, and to be sure we said that we have crossed the straight of Gibraltar, we crossed to Ceuta (African coast) on a 3/4 knots current on a nice 20 knots breeze then back in Europe …. in another beautiful 20 knots and strangely both time the wind on the nose!

More we were heading north, more the wind die down letting us reducing the average a day from 40 miles to 4 miles and that was when we where able to move! One time leaving anchor (We anchor during night … because the night its simply no wind at all!) we sailed 4 miles for having the wind dying and the swell pushing us back right to the same spot when we left … at least when I was going to drop the anchor again the wind pick up for 3 hours and was able to do 5 miles! What a good day.

But hey I don’t complain … we are not in a hurry and we are home … so why we need to go fast? Except that the time I was naked on deck and throw a bucket of water on me to wash out … just when I was really wet we get hit by a 30 knots under full sails. I think the racing boat passing us probably find is strange seeing a naked guy taking reef and changing sails …

Joshua is now at Almerimar, cheap Marina at 5 Euro a day (Same price we paid for the dinguy in Gibraltar!) and did some upgrade on the boat. In fact we exchange our old Navik windvane for equipment … a sculling oar that will act as our engine, a windlass to relax my back and other little things there and there.

Take care all & Have fun

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