I know its been a while!

Hello everybody …
I know I didnt give any news since a long time but nothing really to say.

We are still in the ghost town of Almerimar, having gales after gales force wind on us, week of rain just to name a few. Its sunny right now and its been a while it was not as nice! Since last time, nothing happen really worth telling, fixing the boat, got some little work, my back hurting once a while, and a tooth that needed care from a dentist before I pull it myself.

We have taken a big decision, and will be heading back in Canada by plane the 18 of this months for 2 months. Working a bit to finish paying the windvane and marina fee for the winter and back on sailing in April. I will have a little stop in New York to see Nick on his Contessa where he his waiting for the winter to pass too.

Life is good, and everything is getting together.

Take care everybody!!

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