Back in Spain

Dear Everybody,
so here we are back in Spain on our little Joshua…

We are happy to be back on our little home and everything stay the same since we left, except maybe for all the bird’s shit on the deck. We changed some halyard, installed a sculling oar, put a new regulator for the solar panel and getting ready to go.

We thing to rent a car this week or the next one to go see some friends in France and discover the inside of the east coast of Spain.

We also changed a bit the description on the website. We received some emails from people giving us “shit” because of the trip and informations given. I think the website was badly writen because people can easily think that we are doing this for a certain amount of time, that we have just started and judge our own decision base on that.

For myself it’s been 6 years in a row that I live on small boat(Soon 7 years), cruise on them and live this way … it is also not a project that will finish at a certain point because it’s a life style that I came to love and will not change soon. Like the pardey said .. We will do it as long as it’s fun…

I just wanted to clarify this point.

On that we hope to give you more news soon on our travel, and wish you great fun with the summer coming!

Stéphane & Catherine.

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