Finally a decision had been made.

Hello all,
a long decision that we are been working on since 4 months had been made.
Some of you know it already and some other’s doesn’t even have a clue.

Let’s try to put all that together … The crossing from the Azores to Portugal last year made a lot more damage then what I talked about on the website… The whole deck delaminated and the fiberglass on several area cracked totally through it, related to my opinion of the age of the boat (30 years) and some twisting of the hull related to hard sailing. Contessa are good boat, but they are also getting old and need special refit to be back like before.

Talking about this to several peoples, some oportunity arise from several places. First a opportunity of a free place to live, and free shed with all the tools to work on the Atlantic coast. Second free lead and free bronze and bronze casting … Third we found a designer that we liked, and that he draw special boat plans for us and our specifications.

So what is happenning like your can probably guess … is building a boat. Same size, and we will use every parts on “Joshua III” to put in the other one to save times and money … This is why also we will call the next one “Joshua III”. Like Catherine say, we are not changing boat, we are only changing the shirt of this one.

We already seen the building place when we were in Canada, we already looked for all the materials needed and made contact, we already got the plans and ask 1000 questions to the architect(Paul Gartside) that we thanks a lot. We planned everything down to me working full time on the boat and Catherine working for the finance(She already may found a job). We plan around 2 years for the building…

The boat is a wooden boat, 26 foots with strong laminated frames and laminated deck but with a tradionnal carvel planking hull. We still plan to don’t have a engine on the next one, and probably removal of the electricity too … Here is the design :

So after taking our final decision this week we will be leaving for the building site next week probably, the building site is in Gaspesia, close to Nova Scotia in Canada for those not familiar with this area.

So we think it will be worth it after 6 years of cruising, to take this opportunity and keep going in 2 years with a brand new boat able to go where we want. It’s sure change a lot of our original plans, but this is why it take us 4 months to take the final decisions, and let’s not forget that this is why we are travelling, for living things that we have never planned.

Stéphane & Catherine.

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