White oak … No way!

Hello All,
What’s new since last time … Let’s see …

The lofting is getting there, I am to fairing all the lines in every directions to have a nice smooth hull at the end, it’s quite interesting to work on a 3d drawing plan.

We got one bad news and one good one since last time. Our huge pieces of oak were green, and it was the only place we have found them in solid pieces. Some pieces being 12″ thick ( +/- 30cm) we needed a special oven to dry it out, or let it sit for 6 years until working with it. The special oven call us to tell it will cost 9000$ CAD + 3 months to dry them out … Ok so we changed plan!

We have found some Douglas Fir 4″ thick good quality for sell in Ontario, already dry and ready. So we gonna order that and some resorcinol glue and laminated the big pieces together. We didn’t want to do that at the beginning but sound’s like nobody carry huge dry wood anymore, just not worth it with the time needed to dry them out.

Will see how that goes! Need a lot of clamp .. Some pieces are 19′ long ! (5.8 meters)

We are working on a video of our backward Atlantic crossing, hopefully we will put that online soon.

Have fun!

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