Wood is coming.

Hello everyone,
sorry to have been lazy a bit on Internet in the last few weeks.

Nothing really new happen in our world now, we became a bit of a routine. We ordered and will receive next week a good part of the wood needed (3000 pounds(1360 kilo) of wood). We bought in the same time black locust for the frames, he was having some nice pieces air dried since 8 years and we saved the shipping for buying it now.

Our credit card are now on the limit, and we will begin the routine of working and pay the credit, put more on the credit etc … Until the boat is finish! 😉 We have a real problem finding the glue that we want for the backbone, and the one place I have found is really expensive (500$ us for 1 gallon (3,23 liter)) but I think we gonna go for that. Having to repair the backbone if one day the glue fail will cost us more then that! For those interested it’s some Aerodux 500, a gap filling improved resorcinol.

Hopefully we will have some nice pictures to put online soon!

Take care all.

Stéphane & Catherine.

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