It’s getting there!

Hello all!
So here we go received lot’s of wood this week. Some really nice quality of it and it smell good into the shed!

We started the extension of the shed for the building, we will extend it only 10 ft for the winter then adding 20 ft and move the backbone into it next summer. It’s just with the investment on wood, glue, clamps etc … we needed to cut somewhere as we have limited fund.

I am rebuilding all my planes during that time, and only waiting the next pay check to buy the glue and start the wood. The glue is only available in 1 place in all north America because I want the best adhesive available on the market, for those who know it’s a high strengh gap filling resorcinol (Aerodux 500).

I have also finished the fairing all the lines on the lofting and will start the making of patterns this week. Everything worked with good timing for now!

Catherine still got some work but it’s as a replacement with maybe a opening at the end. We gonna wish and see!

Take care all!

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