Hello all,
I know it’s been quite a while!

Well … let’s see we received the glue we are waiting for 3 days ago. I have done all patterns of the pieces (Profile view) last week, and started this weekend shaping parts for the boat! We just finished to glue 2 big pieces together. This is where we discover that we (Me & Catherine) are both perfectionist!

I have planed the wood until my straight edge show absolutely no gap to the size smaller then a hair, then with Catherine finding gap, I put a sand paper into my plane and sand lightly every where and correcting those little gap left. Both pieces was near perfection before gluing!

Strong clamp every foot, and messy glue was done and now we have a glue line less then 1/64 everywhere, as a thin paper sheet… Resorcinol asked for tight fit and high pressure, well I think if the glue fail it won’t come from there!

We are putting new pictures into the Gallery section.

Have fun all!

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