Nothing really new…

Hello all!

Nothing really new in the last 2 weeks… the day pass by with planning and clamping wood to make slowly all the 9 pieces to bolt together the backbone.

It take me several days to achieve a 1/64″ or less joint between the pieces, they are wide and thick so clamping will not move them much to fix defect … (I also do it with hand tools, no money for machinery for now)

Winter settle in and we have now around 1 ft of snow (30cm)… We started to trap rabbit in the forest at the back of the building site which is now part of our routine as the boat.

I will need another 3 weeks before finishing all the part of the backbone, some piece need to be done with veneer to follow the curve (1/4 thick piece bend to a shape) and this take a good amount of work.

Take care all!

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