Hello all!

First of all happy new year to all!
Here it is the routine pretty much, we did bought a electric planer which make me save 2 or 3 days by pieces! We also received a new blade for the band saw, which let me cut into 8″ of wood like if it was butter … this one too is a time saver!

Catherine finally get hired full time at the job for a contract of 18 months (Which is perfect). A friend let us borrow is wood heater to put in the extension of the garage to warm up this winter.

The extension is still not open until we are starting to bolt together all the pieces, 4 pieces are done and the fifth should be finish in a day or two (9 pieces in total). It’s getting there slowly!

We have put pictures in the gallery of another #116 that we are builing but that was done some years ago. The hull line will stay the same, but we gonna make some change on the deck (and colors).

We will have more info/pictures to put as soon the backbone will be up. Right now it’s pretty much the routine of gluing which they pretty much all look the same.

Have fun all!

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