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Hello All,
first of all a big thanks to Richard & Helen Weston for their nice donation/gift for Christmas/New Year it is greatly appreciate and will serve to buy the rivets & glue for the frames of the boat.

I have put a new page on line showing which part I am working on and which one are done which I think can interest some of you at : http://www.peacefuljourney.ca/progress.php

2 other pieces are done on the boat, one of the big one too named the “gripe” which is show in progress (Still some finishing to on it) on the link above. I do not have put pictures online as for me it is all the same, planning and gluing pieces you see one and you have seen them all, but that’s me and I guess from a outside point of view it’s different. So I am asking you, if there is something you want to see or how do I do something and I will take a video/picture for you, just tell me!

Next week I will have some helper coming and we gonna cut the keel timber, 18ft long this gonna be some interesting time doing it on the band saw. We also run out of that expensive glue for the backbone which we will probably next week or 2 as this is not a cheap adhesive. Meanwhile I will be making more patterns for the boat out of the lofting done 2 or 3 months ago.

We have done the lofting in what will be the “kitchen” in a “In building progress” house, now we have a deadline beginning of march to remove the lofting from there and make all the patterns before that…

Will see how that turn out!
Take care all & Have fun!

Stephane & Catherine.
PS: I received sometime questions about my strange English, it’s because I am a native French speaker we write in English because most of our “International” friends speak all a bit of this language.

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