Just keep swimming

Good day all,
I hope you are all doing great.

Here life is quite changing in the last weeks. Lack of fund slow us down a bit as we run out of glue, during that time I started to do bronze pattern for later on the boat.

Now that we got glue again, the stem knee is almost done. This became the smallest and more expensive part of the boat! It’s a part with a good curve, so we can’t do it in a straight grained piece of wood, we then laminated lot’s of 1/4″ strip of wood on top of each other bending them to the curve. It take us 3 times the amount of wood to make the strip (The thickness of the blade remove wood, + planning remove wood) and almost 1 gallon of expensive glue. I hope to don’t see this piece fail later in the boat as this will really make us mad….

We decided to buy money from the bank too (I prefer the term buy instead of borrow, as you pay a lot to have it….) to speed up the process. This way we can buy all needed to finish the backbone and the frames, which will give us a break until the planking.

Catherine started to take pictures again … Soon we will start to assemble the pieces which will be nice pictures to take.

Have fun.

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