It is done.

Hello all!
It is done, our last gluing job was done!

After 1 week preparation to cut and glue this 20ft timber for the keel we finally finished all the gluing for the backbone part. The glue amount was perfectly calculated as we finished our last drop of it.

The bronze rod are lost in the UPS network, it’s been 1 month soon that we bought it and still didn’t received it. UPS working on it will see how that goes. So for now I will finish the extension of the garage (Part was also not deliver (Back order) to finish the roof). Gonna start the new week to finish it, install the wood stove and I already finished the electricity just need to connect it.

Now that we have everything to assemble the backbone, and will soon do it, we started to look for another batch of wood. We wanted black locust, but the company that supply us the backbone timber give us some real good quality and service. He said he got some really nice white oak that will suit us for that and we gonna go for it. Their website: A special Thanks to Andrew that take care of us there.

It’s another big investment and having just done a loan we are checking if we wait a bit for it or load half of the credit card again for it. Will see, we are caculating everything. The batch of wood offer right now will cover all the frames, deck beam, bilge stringer and maybe even the rudder. So as you see this order will cover most of the wood for the rest of the boat. Shipping being expensive better to have it all ship in one shot.

I am putting more pictures online slowly, check by the website or directly to the gallery at :

Hope everything is good for all of you.

Stéphane & Catherine.
PS: I got some bug with a recent video I have done of our last crossing. I should be able to fix that bug soon, as soon my head can empty to sit and do it.

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