I know I am late

Hi All!
first of all sorry for the delay day’s goes by without really seeing it and one day we wake up and it’s been already a month.

A lot of things happen since our last update and I will try to put everything here well. Let’s start with the cutting of our old boat which is done now, we kept the top part that we put on the ground filled with soil and plant our garden into it. So now we got a boat in the backyard, Catherine wanted to plant a tree in the middle to replace the mast.

The contessa was suppose to have a lead ballast, well that’s what the builder said. This is also the reason why we cut it up, well after all that work was done and we removed the layer on top of the ballast to look it up it was cast Iron. So we mainly did that for nothing and need to find another 1.3 tons of lead for the other boat.

The extension of the garage is done, wood heater installed and we started to assemble backbone pieces. 3 pieces are already bolted together. 2 others pieces was almost done 2 days ago and when we drived the bolt thru it, it didn’T follow the pilot hole and get out right on the side of the keel timber. Now we got 3 pieces to repair until put them back up. I say that easily here but it was way not fun when I see it, but after a beer and some dreaming of being elsewhere we set to work to remove the bolt that was way into space and started to fix the problem.

Now that this part is removed, I gonna start by the other side of the boat and fix this slowly as it’s some sketchy repair to do. Ah well we needed a bit of a challenge I guess!

Thats about it, we put a few pictures on :

A video about knocking the old boat down at :

Other pictures coming in.


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