It’s crazy how time fly.

It’s crazy how time fly without really noticing once the routine is installed.
During the last month I didn’t really publish anything as it was mostly repairing the pieces that the bolt broke when drive it in (Which I needed to disassemble the backbone to fix), and receiving friends/family that came to visit.

So what can I say really for the last month, I am almost done repairing the part to keep working on the backbone, this part being so much depressing I started working on different side project.

I started to melt down the lead we got from a bit everywhere and make some clear lead ingot with it, 1300 pounds for now and we need 4500. Meanwhile I started to build frames for the boat, several pairs are now done with White oak and will make the project go forward faster once the backbone will be done.

At my Birthday (31 july) I received some financing gift which we use to buy the material for the dingy. Since a week now I am working on building the dingy which begin to take shape and should be done in a week or so (Pictures will be online soon), We also bought the material to build the sail that will go with it, Catherine looking really for that as this is her part of the work for the dingy.

We are pushing into that project for now as we really need a boat to sail and take our mind off, pack the tent into it and doing coastal cruising and camping along the coast.

I am initiating Catherine to start publishing news on the website, you should have a mail from her soon.

Take care all.

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  1. james griffith says: Reply

    are you guys using screws or copper rivets for the planking?
    copper rivets are cheaper than bronze screws and they hold forever.

    1. Stephane says: Reply

      Hi james,
      copper rivets for the planking, except for the galboard area where it’s screws! They actually came at the same price then screws for us, as the framing is really big and we do need 4″ long copper nail for it. It give a nice little work boat look inside which we like and like you’ve said hold forever!

      The 4″ copper rivet are almost 1/4″ big… Should be good for a while 😉

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