It’s going forward!

Hello Folks!

I know I don’t give news as much as I do. Lot’s of work and time fly so much, that I blink from a eye and a week pass by.

We FINALLY finished the backbone of the boat, fixing that “#$”#$#” bolt that didn’T went the good way was finally repaired and the 2 last peace were easy (Gaining experience I guess :o) ).

The new step is shaping it, I am on that since 2 or 3 weeks and it’s really plaisant to work with such wonderful wood. Nice golden pink color when you are using it at the moment, smell of a sweet parfum with straight clear wood. Loving it, removing the rough installation finally revealing itself. It’s really sad that the camera can’t reach the same color… Well its better then nothing 😉

The starboard side (Will see if my english is right there, I always get them wrong in this language!):″

Now doing the stem of the port side. Probably another 1 or so and i will straight it up and install those white oak frames I have already
done. Port side:

Oh… And first sail with our almost finish dingy:

Need to so some aesthetic work on it, but it’s sail really well, and will think it will make a wondering Cruising/life raft/unsinkable nice
little boat, that can fit on ours 😉

Love earing about all you folks, come on, let’s catch up!

Stéphane & Catherine (She will post soon!)

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