Half way point

Hello all!,
well just reading the last post we have done I realise that things have progressed a lot since a month.

Half of the frames are up and done : http://lh6.ggpht.com/_gUnliSwWdY8/TOQrxmKHmSI/AAAAAAAACVc/emqOKYgBC0s/s800/P1080402.JPG

Still have some finishing to do one them, as it’s really hard to get them perfectly straight alone to finishing the socket there go in. Once more will be up I thought of a way to do this, will see if it’s work before I am telling more about it!

Frames are white oak, riveted every 6″ with copper nail. Where you see a line on the frames is a joint of 2 differents pieces of wood, which will be cover my a big 12″ copper plate and riveted both side of the join to make it stronger (Also, for the look of it, as just a big piece of wood over would have done the job there).

A close up of the oak we use: http://lh4.ggpht.com/_gUnliSwWdY8/TNtWFMBgjJI/AAAAAAAACTA/9fJ6Ctgnz3I/s800/building%20frames2.JPG

And rivets:http://lh6.ggpht.com/_gUnliSwWdY8/TNtWFk0At2I/AAAAAAAACTI/uW_F6-FUHlI/s800/Rivets.JPG

It’s nice to see the progress rapidly!

More pictures are available from the view pictures at your right.

Take care all! Sorry if I don’t show a lot of pictures of around, but I Actually don’t go out… I am 100% on the building, I pretty much just know the grocery & Hardware stove… Catherine will put up some picture of the area soon (I hope she feel the pressure here!) 🙂

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