It’s a update.

Hello Everybody!
I hope you are all doing well & happy.

Life is interesting these past weeks, most of the frames are up and only 2 are needed to be cut so the boat is complete. Sadly the band saw need repair and we should receive the part monday.

Meanwhile I started to put fair and true all the frames already up, it turn out that everything was well done because the temporary planking(Ribband) I’ve put over the boat show that everything is within 1/64″, so minor adjustment will need to be done hooray!

As some of you already know, one of the reason we started this build is because we wanted more space to be able to carry a child with us. Well I guess that after practicing so hard for when the moment will come(No pun intended), time have decided it will be sooner… Yes Catherine pregnant… We are really happy about it!

In the mix of joy and excitement, we discover that this sooner then planned, tiny human may change a few things… First Catherine will be out of work, so I will need to slow down a bit on the building to bring the finance for the new family and the not finished home(boat). We have a city permit for the extension where we build the boat but only 18 months left on it so we got to be quick! As the extension hide most of the ocean view of the neibor, and that he don’t like us much we didn’t get the renewal.

Anyway in the mix of a lot of those new informations to process we will see how things go. Like most of you will understand the priority change a bit, so the boat may be put aside so I take care of my girl as she got something in the oven 😉

Will try to put pictures soon, Catherine gone to the city for the weekend and she brought the camera with her!

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