2 days later

Hello all of you,

I have to say I am a bit disappointed. Last year in around the same date I’ve been a bit extreme with a news about a fire into the boat building extension. With the result of that new I thought that you guys will remember it for quite a while but I am happy to see not, as this year my lot more soft April fool convinced everyone!

No Catherine is not pregnant yet, and the boat is still our first priority and coming along well! I think next year I should found something more in the middle for a joke as leaving the boat to go
circumnavigate Alaska in a hot ballon .

Life is good here, we bought a new stove for the boat a Shipmate wood stove. You can see one of those at:

Thanks to David Gage that make this possible, as the stove is in Florida. Dave kindly did the transaction with the person selling it, packaged the 135pounds stove and send it to us. Thanks again Dave!

Catherine put pictures of the neighborhood often for those interested, they are on our website in the pictures section.

Take care all!

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  1. Stephane,
    Congratulations and blessings on the birth of your new son. I can see that this little pirate is going to be brought up well!

    Even though you say you’re not a writer, you still convey much more than “just the facts”…your expression is heart-felt and clear. What more can one ask for?

    I hope to meet you some day!


    1. Stephane says: Reply

      Thanks Stephen 😉

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