Shipmate stove

Here it is, after some long weeks of waiting our Shipmate stove arrived well packaged by a helpful Boater (David Gage) in Florida.

Even with the wood cradle, the foam inside and the bracing it arrived broken. A corner of the stove, firebrick and a important piece inside need repair. I do not know what Fedex have done with it, but it sure wasn’t delicate shipping!

We left the stove at a local welder to see if he can fix it, as Cast Iron is really hard to repair. We were lucky to have furnace cement from our bronze casting to fix the firebrick & I contacted the shipmate stove company if he can supply me the piece inside. Will see how that turn out.

Meanwhile we received the glue to start laminating the floors. Floors in wood boat mean the piece attaching the framing to the “backbone”. We have problem right now with all that, as I need to align the backbone and all the framing before bolting them down. I am using the roof to nail them when they are right, but the problem is the temporary building is moving every time it’s blowing and the soil is too soft because of the snow melting to do anything! A well challenge is what we are use too!

We had wonderful news from the sawmill who made a mistake and miscut too much of a order which is perfect for our planking! Some nice quarter saw BC Fir is coming in a few weeks and will start covering those ribs.

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  1. Serge Landry says: Reply

    tanks for the visit ,I hope to see you soon you know were I live ,your welcome.
    Merçi pour la visite,j’espère vous voir bientôt ,vous savez ou je reste,vous êtes les bienvenus,bravo pour le chantier, merçi encore, Serge Landry.

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