Planking started

Hello all,

Seems like long time I didn’t write on the website, but also nothing really happen for a long time. The thing is we waited to order fasteners and what needed to finish projects on the boat as it came from the US.

When we finally made that order, Canada post office decided to go on strike and then in Lock out which stopped the project for 3 weeks!

We have now received the planking in beautiful 20ft long board (BC Fir) which we look forward to that step. The screws arrived yesterday and was able to screw 2 planks as they were ready, those are named the stealer.

Most of the floors are done, and now it’s time to cover those rib! We are still missing 1500 pounds to do the ballast so this project will be for later this season.

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  1. Guy Roach says: Reply

    Salut Stephane,
    Two suggestions for your lead ballast:
    1. Service stations that specialize in changing and balancing tires…lead used to balance tires.
    2. The smelter in Belledune across the bay might be interested in promoting their green image by donating a ton of lead to an ecological cause such as a boat propelled by wind power???

    1. Stephan Tremblay says: Reply

      Thanks Guy,
      we actually bought all the lead in this peninsula. All garage, and lead that was around have been bought by us as it’s a small community there is not much lying around. Thanks for the idea about the smelter that we see everyday the other side of the bay but never thought about it!

      We can buy it at a scrap yard in Quebec city, but lead is expensive right now (Around 1.30$ a pound) when it was 0.60$ a few months back.

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