Mast and waiting…

Day’s are passing so fast it make us wonder how much longer we gonna stay here…

Right now we are working on a 38ft mast that we are building for a boat in the area. The work is fun, but it does have taken us twice more time then expected slowing down the boat building.

I’ve been working 13 hours a day since a while now, doing boat work after the mast. I can now say there is 3 planks on both side of the boat installed, which were the longest one on the ship to do. The reason why those where so long it’s because they touch entirely the boat on 13 ft and not just every 12″ like the framing do. This mean the planks need to be perfectly carved with the curves and the twist of the boat and it was quite demanding with quite some cursing I have to say…

Meanwhile, and this is not one of those April fool joke, Catherine really pregnant! We wanted to finish the planking before “working” on that project but adventure had arrived sooner then expected! It’s all good and we are happy, just working harder to get the boat done before the small us decide to see the light.

We moved to a small house with a local friend, which is nice and we can relax more in between the days of work. It’s in a wood at around 10 minutes from the building area. It is also with him that I build the mast and we became quite good friend. He help me on the building once a while which is really nice also, strangely enough we discover that we have the same family name… Maybe that’s why we are so much alike…

Have fun all!

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  1. Stephane says: Reply

    Thanks guys.

    We are now in Nova Scotia seeing other build and the designer of our boat. Meeting him tomorrow. It was nice to see other wooden boat being build, give some motivation!

  2. chris says: Reply

    Hi great news about the baby, so pleased for you both and envious of the baby to have such parents too. Good to hear its all going so well kind regards chris

  3. Justin says: Reply

    Wow. What wonderful news you two! A lucky egg if I do say so. To have awesome parents like you.

    All the best in this new adventure

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