We shall see

I am not a writer, never been, never will. Imagine now doing it in a second language… It give you a idea!
What i am doing, well this is the question. Communicating with the new fashionable mean of talking.

Took millions of year to develop a form of spoken language, to make it disappear by the mean of something abstract that people call Internet. My own mother don’t even talk to me she prefer Messenger, I’ve had meeting in jobs via computer where most of the people was less then 20 foot away.

All that to say we all need to learn that new trade of writing. Being not a writer I do not know what to say much on this website anymore, there is no really adventure and I am such into deep technical thinking of wooden boat that it would bored the most polite person if you let me go.

The days are long the progress are slow, a simple sentence of “Broke a plank” doesn’t really explain the feeling and the days spent working on it before. The long 7 days a week work trying to see the end of it, being so deep into a project that you can’t put your mind elsewhere cannot be resume by a picture.

There is always enough progress to keep the hope, but never enough to see the end. Boat building is a long commitment and I understand the sentence of Paul Gartside saying: “Each boat I’ve build for others have taken a chunk of my life”.

Do we regret it? No.
Do we would do it again if we had the choice? We would seriously put more time thinking about it…

The skills learned is not even comparable but does learning a old trade that disappeared by the evolution will worth it in my life, this we gonna see.

Wooden boat are great, strong and low maintenance if properly build. But there is no way you can build a wooden boat as fast as a Fiberglass one, so there is no way they can compete with it and came back in strength.

We shall see…but if I do not update often it’s simply as I do not know where to start.

Take care all.

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  1. Ted says: Reply

    The third time is a charm! I have attempted to go to try your reaarustnt for dinner on 3 separate occasions. The first was a Monday night and a few months later a Tuesday night only to be disappointed to find I had again chosen a night that you were closed. Being Friday night I finally succeeded and am still in a state of bliss hours after eating at Berry Fresh Cafe. I can never recall trying not to moan or Ahhh after every bite of food ever in my life! Every taste, beginning with the Fire Cracker Crispy Shrimp shared as an appetizer to the Mediterranean Chicken and Pasta and finally to the warm apple cobbler with homemade mango and coconut ice cream,was as if I had discovered Shangra La and Eutopia wrapped in one. I am still trying not to melt from all of those phenomenal flavors.I am already studying the take out menu planning my next gourmet meal perhaps breakfast next time at my now all time favorite reaarustnt.Thank you! Until we meet again,Carol A. Ryan

  2. Nick says: Reply

    You have taken on such a huge project Stephane, it is amazing! Especially because you are living quite a remote and quiet life… Your entire existence revolves around this incredible piece of functional artwork you are creating…

    To build a boat with your own hands, and sail it across an ocean. That is truly extraordinary… I know perhaps you don’t like to write, but I do hope that one day you can sit down, and perhaps write a book in French… You are living a good life Stephane, on your terms – And that is freedom.

  3. Stott carleton says: Reply

    Stephane…..we have not met but I love your site….I own a Gartside Cutter named Two Dogs…..she was sslightly modoified by and built by Brad Story of Essex, Mass…..I would be happy to send you any photos of her that might help you….keep up the great work….cheers ….Stott…..ps my boat came from plan 84

    1. Stephan Tremblay says: Reply

      Thanks Stott,
      I use would love to see pictures of yours! I am sending you a private message to get them.

  4. Laurent et Marie-Andrée, vus à Bonnaventure en septembre 2011 says: Reply

    Bonsoir Stéphane et Catherine,
    heureux de voir que la construction de votre bateau avance bien. Comment allez-vous tous les trois ? Quand arrive bébé? Nous espérons que tout va bien pour vous et nous vous souhaitons une bonne année et une mise à l’eau en 2012.
    À bientôt,

    Marie Andrée et Laurent, Montréal

    1. Catherine says: Reply

      Bonjour Marie-Andrée et Laurent,

      Merci beaucoup pour les voeux. Bonne année 2012 à vous aussi. Nous vous souhaitons santé et bonheur! De notre côté la construction avance bien. Un peu plus chaque jour. La date de mise à l’eau est encore indéterminée. La grossesse va bien. Le petit(e) marin(e) devrait arriver début avril. Plus que trois mois. Nous avons bien hâte de le/la voir!

      Prenez-soins de vous.
      À Bientôt

      Catherine & Stéphane

  5. Chris says: Reply

    Hi Stephane….. Bump into your site by accident. Remember we met in the Abacos in 2007. Lynn and I sailed on an aluminium centre board called “kindred Spirit”. We took some pictures of Joshua off Lynyard Cays which are now on your site. Nice to hear about your new boat. We too are thinking about a new crusing boat. We have been living in Australia since 2009 and we race a Trimaran ( corsair 750)… Lot of fune but not a crusing boat. Good luck!


    Chris & Lynn

    1. Stephan Tremblay says: Reply

      Hello Chris & Lynn!
      I sure remember you both!
      I am kind of confuse, you guy’s were speaking French right? (Juste au cas ou…).

      Nice to ear you are having fun and still sailing! You guy’s end up on the other side of the globe! It’s a nice cruising area where you guys are… Any kind of thought for the new cruising boat?

  6. Stephane says: Reply

    Thanks Guys,
    we are still working hard on it. The planking is half way up now.. And they are getting in a lot faster (Actually I can do one a day)…

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Henrik says: Reply

    To build a wooden sailboat is a work of enormous magnitude. It’s among those things that will profoundly change you. There will be a before-and-after, and there’s no way out when the stacks are piled this high. But the harder the effort, the sweeter the feeling of sailing your own boat. Sailing will never be the same again.


  8. William says: Reply

    Hi Stephane I agree you have taken the long road please try to remember the dream, you guys gave birth to it, picture how your boat, made with your hands will feel when she is alive and moving through the water, the pride that you will have for many years to come when you look at her beauty you have done so much already i follow your blog because you inspire me when i feel down and start thinking of giving up then i come and see how much you have done, sure you may not be out sailing but this part of the plans is just as important enjoy it for this is the now it is all you really have there is no guarantees of tomorrow enjoy the now mate there are people out there who are so sick they would do anything to have your now the future is slowly coming friend maybe not at your pace but it will come peace and love .
    Namaste William

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