Additional crew

Winter is nice, the month of the snow & calm. All tourist gone, the slow rhythm of back country under way, wood fire in every house and everybody talking about the weather.

Winter is also the season where it’s the hardest to get things done, sun going down at 3hpm, starting to work at -10celcius in the shop while it’s -35 outside chopping wood and frozen timber to work with.

But this time things are different, we have a additional crew with us which greatly help and motivate. Iko a traveler that wanted to learn boat building is with us since 3 weeks now. The sentence that 3 persons are a team is so true, the whole dynamic change and we get a lot more done.

The bilge stringer are now installed, those are 2 long board inside the boat to reinforce the “flat” area. There were quite some work as the first one done broke, and as the only place I could slide those parts in was by the transom. The planking need the transom to be higher to be completed, the transom can’t be completed because of the bilge stringer, the stringer can’t be completed because of reinforcement on the frames to do, which will need major fairing after all.

Now you can understand why it take us so long to be back to planking! The new batch of wood is here and will be reduce in thickness in about 2 hours, we actually only found 8/4 timber (2″ rough cut) but of nice quality. Having them recut will let us reuse the 1/2″ layer on top for other parts of the boat.

From monday we will be back on covering those ribs, with our team it should be lot faster!

Keep in touch.

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  1. Stephane says: Reply

    Thanks Wayne,
    I should post something here about it shortly… Been quite busy on the build lately.

  2. wayne mackay says: Reply

    saw your boat on wooden boat cover………very nice , good luck and safe sailing.

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