It’s a boy!

Darn that life is filled with adventures and emotions!
You get it, the little pirate that Catherine was carrying finally get to see the light!

It was not planned as desired, everything started with a routine checkup and end up with lot’s of medications, surgery and days of suffering & resting. Catherine had a pregnancy disease which was getting dangerous for her and the baby, I won’t tell everything we went through but compare to that a crazy storm out there sailing is pure pleasure.

Everything is getting back together now, George-Emry (The little pirate name, Emry for the friends) doing fine and Catherine even if on heavy pain killer can now do things on her own.

I guess life is just like offshore sailing: Being always ready for everything while taking it one step a the time is the key.

All that said it’s a new beginning for the new family, we are slowly learning the new crew joining our team. I am already looking forward to bring him sailing so he can acquire his sea leg before the land one!

Stéphane, Catherine & Emry
(I will put a picture later on, as we just arrived from the hospital)

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  1. Kacong says: Reply

    ok i need helpi am having this prob with my lst2 it won’t go in socend gear andi have gone through glow plug after glow plug every 5mini just ran lean i no that but every other time i run preaty rich no mattter what i do it keeps killing glow plugsplz help

    1. Stephane says: Reply

      Sorry for the delay, I hope you got everything fixed. I am setup better now to answer and post.
      Is this still going?

  2. Salut Catherine & Stéphane,
    Félicitation pour ce beau petit mousse, Heureux de voir que la maman et le petit vont bien et que tout s’est bien passé. J’espère que tu viendras nous montrer ce beau bébé là si tu viens dans le coin cette été.

  3. Tim says: Reply

    So proud of you Steph!! I can’t wait to meet the family and the real father!!

  4. Ernest says: Reply

    Congratulations!! Best of everything to Stéphane, Catherine and Emry.

  5. Great news guys!
    Looking forward to pictures!!!
    Lots of love!!!!

  6. Mario says: Reply

    Bellissima notizia.
    Benvenuto al nuovo marinero!!
    Besos a la Mamma e abrazos al Papa.

    Mario Fabiola Anna Gaia.

  7. Peter says: Reply

    Many congratulations to you both!! I am in China and it is the year of the dragon. All children born in this lunar year are particularly special!! I wish you good fortune and fair winds.


  8. bz says: Reply

    good job, you guys!!! congrats, blessings, and peace!

    1. les noirs (cela inclut tous les métis comme Obama) forment 12-13 % de la population américaine, et non 25 %. Pas que ça change votre argument, mais je vouslais juste rectifier les faits.

  9. Stephane says: Reply

    Thanks to all of you!
    Henrik we were actually aiming for the 1 April when it was getting close as it would have been a perfect joke with the last year April fool (Which was Catherine being pregnant!)…

    It happen the 4, close enough to make us smile!

    Jeri & Ed, I am really happy to ear from you! Please tell Ed I didn’t forgot that I own him a offshore passage 😉

  10. Henrik says: Reply

    Glad the child didn’t land on April 1.

  11. chris says: Reply

    Congratulatins to you you both

  12. Jeri and Ed Schofield says: Reply

    We are so happy for you two! I was just thinking about you last night and wondering when your child was going to make his entrance. Our prayers for Catherines rapid recovery.

  13. Jake says: Reply

    Congratulations Stephane and Catherine!!!.

  14. Cole says: Reply

    Stéphane & Catherine,

    Congratulations!!!! Children are a blessing. You will see how much he will light up your family and bring great joy. =)

    I’m excited to see what the future has for all three of you.


  15. Glad to hear both baby and mom are doing well. That is what matters most. ;D

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