Maybe I just need vacation..

Human nature is a fascinating experience.

We all want something, we all have our own perspective.P1060008 2 persons can see the exact same things so differently that they will argue to death for it.

Stability, benefit, rent, earning a living is now part of our routine. A big gear where everyone is in, and where you dare put your finger in it as it will suck you all up in a matter of seconds.

Routine make it look better, as doing the same thing again and again you actually do not see the time fly. 30 years goes by and you barely remember what you actually have accomplish with your life, paid materials most of the time.

Once a kid came, you learn to totally forget about yourself. The kid just have highly self-centered need which even with the best diplomacy will high jack your ship.

What’s the real purpose… We are such in a big oily wheel, that we do not know anymore. Publicity make us believe that we need the white fence and the new car which have… oooo… dare I say new features every year ! As we all try to survive, the same company work harder to keep the pressure on their product as they also want the pieces of happiness that he believe and was brain washed to.

Sadly enough, we reached a point where there is so much human we actually spread it as far as we can. The time is over where you’ve traveled to discover new culture, today everywhere around the world watch the same TV Show, eat the same food have the same dream. We brought the machine to a worldwide scale, and more there is people going toward the same goal, harder it is to swim against the current.

I guess it’s what we call evolution, or the acceptance of a imaginary goal…

Leaders always said that conformity help to dictate and control a crowd… Well…. they won…

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  1. Justin Davey says: Reply

    Hi Stephane
    There is that new idea of future. The one we look forward to. And then there is the opposite. It is quiet simple where you want to be. You have to eliminate the opposite, but in doing so you may often feel like it is impossible for fear of destroying that delicate feeling of identity. The man who lives for himself is a chameleon through life, carried by the often short-lived curiosity of dreamers from the horde.

  2. Peter says: Reply

    Are you giving up the build? Do you need an extra pair of hands? Can I help? I’m free from August I can come to help you. Genuine offer. email me. Keep smiling! Peter

  3. Catherine says: Reply

    Triste réalité, je confirme…

    Mais je continue de croire qu’une petite poignée de gens en ce monde, si infime soit elle, peuvent changer les choses. Non pas a grande échelle, mais du moins, pour leur petit monde, leur enfant, leur famille, leur entourage. Chaque petit pas est important.

    Stéphane, tu fais partie de ces personnes qui je crois, bien qu’aux yeux de la plupart des gens parraissent avoir des idées farfelues, on une façon de voir la vie comme elle devrait l’être, légerte, frivole, libre et respectueuse de ce que la terre a à nous offrir, sans contrainte de temps et d’argent. Une vie pleine d’amour, d’amitier et de rencontres significatives. Je l’ai appris de toi et j’espère de tout mon coeur que notre enfant saura saisir toute l’importance de ce mode de vie. 😉

    Ne laisse pas la société te prendre dans ses filets, ça serait trop bête! Continue d’aller à contre courant, c’est la bonne direction 😉 Au près en bateau comme dans la vie, c’est pas toujours facile, mais on arrive toujours à destination, tu le sais! 🙂

  4. james griffith says: Reply

    Hold your ground, dont fall into “the trap”. when life is not fun anymore it goes by very quickly !

  5. chris says: Reply

    Contentment is for me the only true goal and on that journey I need to be gentle with myself; act from Love and you won’t go far wrong…

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